Louie’s Bistro Food Truck

Louie’s Bistro

Louie’s Bistro is not an easy truck for me to access. It’s usually located about 45 minutes northwest from where I live.
I happened to get lucky one day and find them at the Edgewood Farmers Market. First time we met we gave each other a huge hug. Understand, we had never met, but the Twitter world brings people together. Plus, Louis is Latino, so it was an instant connection.
I went straight for the good stuff.

Duck Confit with Carrots and Potatoes. This fell off the bone. It was amazing. Baby Girl and I tore into this dish in a second. Proof of a true gourmet food truck.

California Grilled Chicken Quesadilla with Chipotle lime cream. Louis made these for Baby Girl and he was concerned that the spice was too much for her. Many people know @xobejm is now being more adventurous with her food and she loved these. We were lucky enough to share some with @Cafecocoamo as well so they could taste how good the food was.

Louis, thank you so much for the amazing food. We hope to see you soon and try all your other dishes. UN GRAN ABRAZO!!



Louie’s Bistro on the Run Food Truck
(407) 739-1756
Various Locations
Orlando, FL
Twitter: @LouiesBistro
Facebook: Louie’s Bistro

Louie's Bistro on the Run Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Location:Moving Target


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