Caro-Bama BBQ

Caro-Bama BBQ

It feels like just yesterday. I had heard that the Dr. Phillips area would be hosting some food trucks. So, I had to check it out. After leaving the crew in Winter Park I decided to take a trip to Dr. Phillips area alone to find some good food. I arrived early and took advantage of taking some shots of the trucks while they were setting up.

I am happy I arrived early. As soon as the event started Caro-Bama had lots of people lining up for their food. This was their first event and they had everything prepared for the customers who were anxiously waiting to eat some good ole BBQ.

@Carobamabbq gets down to business and starts taking care of some hungry customers. I had to try their BBQ. Once I decided to order food I ended up being about 20th in line. For their first event they were doing great. Now lets get to the food.

Caro-Bama: Pulled pork, Bama white sauce, Carolina vinegar sauce. The tastiest sandwich I have had in a long time. Correction, the best BBQ I have had in my whole life. The whole story of how the Carolina and Alabama flavors came together is best told by them. The nicest people I have met. As I started tweeting about them, my slogan for them was always, “Good eats, Good peeps”.

Palmetto: Pork, cole slaw, banana peppers, Carolina mustard sauce. Every piece of this sandwich is fantastic. So many great flavors put together in one sandwich.

Free Bird: Chicken, chopped onions, jalapeños, and Bama white sauce. I went with the chicken on this one to try a bit of everything. Caro-Bama delivers great quality. Every sandwich I tasted was beyond amazing. Now, as you know @ShortTallofFood wrote up a great piece on Caro-Bama and proud to say I was there when they met and when they tried the Caro-Bama food. Their blog breaks down the flavor of the food and the true essence of @carobamabbq.

@Carobamabbq is now at all types of events. They have started the @foodtruckbazaar circuit as well. The great quality of food has continued and the Caro-Bama kindness has been consistent since day one.

Anyone and everyone knows I love all kinds of food. But, I always say the people have to be nice. @Carobamabbq is the epitome of nice. Thank you so much for the great food, but most of all thanks for the great conversations we have had.

Good eats, Good peeps!!




Caro-Bama BBQ Mobile Food Truck
(407) 739-1979
Location Varies
Orlando, FL

Caro-Bama BBQ Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Location:Moving Target


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