Café Cocoa Mo

Café Cocoa Mo

Thanks so much to the gentleman who posed for my picture. I met Café Cocoa Mo thanks to @thetruckfoodie. While indulging in great food she points out the truck and says, “They have the best Iced Caramel Machiatto”. And as I always say, I had to try it myself. It was unbelievable. Way better than Starbucks. Actually, Starbucks has nothing on @Cafecocoamo. No picture was taken the first time I met them. Every food truck event I go to I make sure I stop by and pay them a visit.

The next time I see them I ask for the special of the day. The Caramel Mocha shake. Wow! Mind blowing. Great drink. Not too sweet, which is important to me. Just the right flavor.

The Piña Colada smoothie is fantastic. Wifey loved this one. Great owners. They know baby girls favorite drink since she is always with me. @xobejm loves them. They are always so nice to us. Sometimes we go just to hang out with them and chat.

My new favorite has become the Strawberry Banana smoothie. Baby Girl loves this one too. I would always get the Machiatto, but now I am hooked on this smoothie.

They can be found in many Food Truck Bazaars. You can find them on Twitter and see what events they are at. Great drinks and great hearts. Thank you so much for your kindness.



Café Cocoa Mo Coffee Truck
(907) 240-9488
Location Varies
Orlando, FL

Café Cocoa Mo Coffee Truck on Urbanspoon

Location:Moving Target


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