La Forchetta Italian Ristorante

La Forchetta Italian Ristorante Pizzeria

@vleboss and David recommended this place. I was suppose to come yesterday, but as I mentioned we had a small family emergency. Glad we made it tonight. Italian food seemed fitting for tonight’s chilly weather.

The story says they have been here for 29 years. QUE!?!?! I have been living in Kissimmee for 13 years and not once have I seen this place. I actually travel this road often and have not heard of it. Even @annrodoz, who is just as much a foodie as I am, hadn’t been here. Thank you so much @vleboss for the recommendation.

This has become Baby Girl’s favorite part of our blogging adventures. She always poses in front of the restaurant.

They have a front and back entrance. We walked around the whole outside of the restaurant until we realized there were two entrances.

This pic was taken by wifey. Thanks @tarajroth for taking this one. Nice shot. Oh, by the way, YES DEAR! ; )

Yummy starter salad. Just the right amount of Italian dressing. Even baby girl, @xobejm, had some. She loved it.

Lentil soup ordered by @tarajroth. I don’t do soups, so I passed on tasting it. Wifey said it was great.

Garlic bread as an appetizer. Nice. This was fantastic. Fresh garlic, and I do mean fresh!

Chicken Fettucini Alfredo. Ya know @xobejm brought up a good point. There were many older people in this restaurant. Great observation. I can only assume because of the true blue old fashion home made cooking. Like mama used to make. This stuff was delicious.

@Tarajroth got the Penne alla Vodka. Onions, Prosciutto, Vodka heavy creme, tomatoes, spices. Maria, our server, said that they won an award for this dish. We should have asked which award. She pointed towards the Orlando Sentinel article, but I was too comfy to get up.

This was Baby Girl’s pizza. Dang. That pizza was bigger than her. That was the small. @xobejm was shocked!

Wifey on the other hand was more pleasantly surprised than shocked.

I am sad to report no desserts were ordered. Sad me! Wifey and Baby Girl were way too full. Notice how I said them and not me.

La Forchetta tends to post their specials on their Facebook page. They are only open from 3pm to 10pm Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday.


Foodbidden and Baby Girl APPROVED!!!


La Forchetta Italian Ristorante Pizzeria
(407) 933-4215
321 S John Young Pkwy
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Facebook: La Forchetta Italian Ristorante

La Forchetta Italian Ristorante Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

Location:S John Young Pkwy,Kissimmee,United States


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