Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Food Truck

As most of you know, my love for food started since birth. My love for food trucks started about a year ago. Being new to the circuit I have met some wonderful people and eaten some delicious food at many food trucks. I follow my favorite food trucks on Twitter and find them in a variety of outdoor events. One that I follow religiously is Eclectic Kitchen.

Chef T is cookin’ it up and making it happen each time.The sweetest woman I have ever met. Actually, when I am alone and buying food from other trucks, I go with Chef T and share my food with her. She is a huge foodie and enjoys all types of dishes like I do. The food at Eclectic Kitchen is delicious and like something I have never had before.

Her menu changes, but this is a menu she had for one of the Food Truck Bazaars in Orlando. (@Foodtruckbazaar). I was lucky enough to be joined by @kokocooks and @xobejm on this evening. My two favorite Food Truck companions.

We started with the Shrimp and Corn fritters. Drizzled with sweet curry remoulade. The order starts with 4 fritters. They looked so good that I ate one immediately and only took a picture of three fritters.

Next dish was the Coq Au Vin and Spatzle. Braised chicken in red and white wines, fresh herbs, mushroom, sautéed homemade German style egg noodles. This dish was out of this world. Very tasty.

Next up, The Vegetarian Butternut Squash Gnocchi. Homemade Gnocchi sautéed in curry sauce, fried leeks to garnish. One word: AMAZING! This dish was hard to share as I wanted it all for myself. When I first ate at Eclectic Kitchen this was my first dish. Many many months later it is still one of my favorites.

We ended the day with the Fried Bananas. In wonton wrappers drizzled with local honey and toasted sesame seeds to sprinkle. @kokocooks, @xobejm, and I were super stuffed with these dishes. We started and ended our day there.

Very much worth trying. Chef T will always greet you with a smile. Also, important to note that all her serving dishes are “compostable byproducts of sugar cane and wheatgrass from World Centric”.

Foodbidden: APPROVED!!
Baby Girl: APPROVED!!

Eclectic Kitchen Food Truck
(321) 662-9409
Orlando, FL
Moving Target
Facebook: Eclectic Kitchen
Twitter: @T_Eclectic

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Location:Moving Target


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