Cupcake Hearts

Cupcake Hearts

What a fantastic find this was. Wifey and I had made plans to get some cupcakes from the Orlando area. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned. I quickly did a Google search for Kissimmee cupcakes and Cupcake Hearts was the first to appear. I have been in Kissimmee for 13 years and feel like I know every establishment, but I was pleasantly surprised.

There are two entrances to Cupcake Hearts. I came through the back entrance. If you are going on Osceola Parkway from The Loop, it’s on your left passed Michigan. Behind the Denny’s and Panera Bread. It the mall where the Walmart is at. When I called I spoke to a very friendly young lady by the name of Diana. I asked for directions and she was very patient in guiding me to her place. (I didn’t realize who Diana was when I called)

Once I arrived I knew I was in for a treat. It smelled delicious. I had been to this place way back in the day when it was a Puerto Rican/Chinese/Venezuelan restaurant. Yes, yes, I know, don’t ask. Only in Kissimmee would you find such strange mixtures and combinations of foods like this. But now, I was ready to get that sweet tooth craving fulfilled.

Cupcake Hearts does not play around when it comes to varieties. Plenty to choose from. You know me, I went for one of each. And No, not the small size ones, the regular size ones of course. 18 different flavors. While Diana is helping me out and getting my order together I come to know a little about her business. They have been opened for a year. Diana is the Executive Pastry Chef and Owner. She is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and is dang good at making cupcakes! (My words, not hers). They make custom cakes and do catering orders as well.

What would my blog be without my notorious crooked shot. : )
18 different flavors.

My usual confusion is which cupcake am I eating. Diana was nice enough to literally write down what each cupcake was for me. Great customer service. Just standing there talking with Diana was like talking to a long time friend. Thank you so much for your kindness.

I love uncovering them when I get home and smelling all that yummy goodness.

Yep, you counted correctly. 18 in all. First one I tried was the chocolate chip cupcake. WOW. Cupcake Hearts has put Kissimmee on the map with these cupcakes. Perfect bite, not too sweet, just right, moist, and each topping is made perfectly. While speaking to Diana she mentioned because of being in Kissimmee her best sellers are the Mango, Guava, etc. Makes sense. My Latino people tend to go for what is familiar and they like their “native” flavors. I on the other hand, am not your typical Latino. I love anything and everything. The more variety, the better for me. 18 different varieties to be exact. I am a Cupcake Hearts fan.

Be sure to stop on by and say hello to Diana. They also have coffee so you can hang out and have a cupcake and coffee on site.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Cupcake Hearts
3156 Bill Beck Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744
(407) 344-0404
Facebook: Cupcake Hearts

Location:3156 Bill Beck Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34744

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One thought on “Cupcake Hearts

  1. Wtg Diana! U guys have a gold mine there!! Congrats to all of you!! I can wait to come from Vermont to Florida and sample all 18 flavors lol!! Keep up the great work!!

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