Disney Dream Bars and Club

Quick blog to give you an idea of the night club and bars of the Disney Dream.

Entering the hallway to The District. Crew members at all times hard at work making this place look sparkling clean.

Entering the first part of the bar. The District Lounge.

All types of libations being served. Their daily specials are a must.

At night they have live music. You come here to sit down, get a drink, and relax.

Champagne bar. Pink.

The whole set up is extraordinary.

Inside Pink.

Pink. Again, nice and quiet place. Gets very packed at night.

Late night snacks. Yes please. Wings, satay, chicken fingers, dumplings, etc.

687 Sports Bar

Sports at all times. Various televisions and channels playing. Depending on what game they have on, it can get very loud in here.

You have to try the 687 beer on tap.

Hallway to Evolution.

Getting closer to Evolution

Evolution Night Club. Cabaret shows late night, DJ mixing funky tunes until 2am.

About to enter Evolution.

The Evolution bar. For obvious reasons this would be the loudest place. Music bumping and people on the dance floor getting their groove on.

The theme and design is a butterfly in Evolution.

The Evolution stage.

Entrance to Skyline lounge from Evolution.

Accessible entrance. Thank you very much.

Skyline lounge. Changes from Chicago, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, and others.

Quiet place to sit and have a drink. Drink menus light up when you open them.

Skyline lounge

The sign near the elevators. As soon as you get out the elevators you know you have reached the District.

One area I was not able to photograph was D Lounge. Great place for family fun and activities. D Lounge tends to have Bingo, Game shows, etc. There was an event going on, so no pics. But be sure to check it out on the Disney Cruise line website.

UPDATE: December 9, 2012 7:48am.

Just got pics of D Lounge.

Entrance to D Lounge

Game shows, Bingo, Dance classes, and all kinds of fun. This area is for families.

The D Lounge stage.

Location:Disney Dream Bars and Club

Location:Disney Dream


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