Zachary’s Restaurant

Our morning off the cruise started with Zachary’s breakfast. We were driving around near the port and wifey and I found this place. Thanks to Brigitte for the information about the restaurant. It’s been open since April 23 1990. Brigitte was the nicest woman. While she served us she always had that smile and kindly asked what all the pictures were for. I explained I blog about local restaurants and she was glad to hear it. Thank you so much Brigitte for your warm welcome when we arrived. Mandy was also one of the greeters. Great smile on both of them. It must be a requirement to work there.

Very clean place and well taken care of. Zachary’s specializes in Greek cuisine according to their business card. This morning we were very pleased with the breakfast we ordered.

I continuously complain and apologize for the dark shots. My iPhone 5 does not like me. If any of you have solutions, please do tell. Nice and spacious restaurant. There were some locals and tourist in the restaurant. You can point a tourist out a mile away. I was one of them so I could tell.

The infamous crooked shot. I should start labeling it the Foodbidden shot with a tilt. Everything looked great in the restaurant. The decor was very nice. All the furniture was kept up to date. Didn’t feel like an “old” restaurant. I liked the feeling of it.

Wifey started off with a fresh cup of coffee. Love the coffee cup. I should have asked if I could buy one to bring home.

Wifey ordered the corn beef hash, eggs, and hash browns. Wifey started eating corn beef hash when she met me and this one at Zachary’s was great. Delicious.

Mine was the House Supreme. Eggs, two bacon, two sausage, ham, and hash browns. As I always say, I gotta try a bit of everything. Their ham was very very good.

The feast shot. Everything we ordered and of course the biscuit and gravy. Very tasty. Ok, Ok, Ok, the toast as well. : )

If ever in the mood for a great breakfast keep Zachary’s in mind. The local places that have been here for years have been here for a reason. It’s just done right. Enough said.


Foodbidden APPROVED!!

We will be back!

Zachary’s Restaurant
8799 Astronaut Blvd, Cape Canaveral, FL
(321) 784-9007

Location:8799 Astronaut Blvd, Cape Canaveral, FL

Zachary's Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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