Mi Bandeja Paisa. Fine Colombian Cuisine

Mi Bandeja Paisa. Fine Colombian Cuisine.

Tonight was a busy night, work wise. My sister in law @vleboss did me the huge favor of picking up my baby girl since I was doing an assignment far from the area. It was her idea to go out and have dinner. I suggested a new place that I wanted to try and I recommended Mi Bandeja Paisa. @urbanspoon has great reviews on this place, so I figured it needed a Foodbidden type of mention. It was myself, @vleboss, her hubby David, and @xobejm.
This picture was at night and my iPhone 5 failed me for this shot. The entrance is nice. The only thing is that it’s right in the corner of the strip mall and very easy to miss. Mi Bandeja Paisa is on the corner of John Young Parkway and Deerfield. In the same strip mall that Martin’s BBQ was located awhile back.

This is what you see. It’s hidden in the corner. I think they get most of their business word of mouth because this place is a little hard to find.

The raw and unedited Foobidden pics. Haha. This was while we were getting seated.

While first entering the restaurant the decor was spectacular and check out those tiles on the floor. Very nice place.

Nice little bar. I love the low lights and how quaint the place is.

We were greeted with an Ipad demonstration of what the menu offerings were for the evening. Our servers Jairo and Kenner took very good care of us this evening. We made sure at the end of our meal to tip them well.

My sister in law (SIL) @vleboss ordered the Sangria. I don’t drink, but I took a taste and it was good. The bits and pieces of orange were my favorite.

I had come to this restaurant for this dish in particular. You can never go wrong with a Bandeja Paisa.

We started off with the Patacones con Guacamole, Green plantains served with house specialty freshly made guacamole. This was all @vleboss. I would not have gotten that on my own.

@vleboss ordered the Churrasco al Carbon 20oz., 20oz mouthwatering NY steak. Butterfly cut to perfection served with green plantains and fresh romaine salad.

David ordered the Lomo Saltado, Tender strips of Julienne cut skirt steak. Sautéed with cherry tomatoes, cilantro, grilled onions, and French fries served with rice.

My order was the Bandeja Paisa, Fusion of charbroiled top sirloin, rice, imported cargamanto beans, avocado, corn cake, pork, sausage, egg, and sweet plantains.

This was my favorite part of the evening. The mini desserts. Assorted flavors, this evening we had Tiramisu, Mango, Chocolate, and Coconut.

Orlando’s best kept secret. Go and check them out. This place had me wanting more.

Mi Bandeja Paisa Restaurant
(407) 704-7888
12701 South John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32837

Mi Bandeja Paisa Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:12701 South John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32837

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