Darland Bakery Food Truck

This is truly where it all began. April 15. Here is my story. While already addicted to food trucks, I had heard about a new food truck coming out. I also heard they had a bakery for 61 years in Orlando and were literally bringing the sweets to the “streets”, as @darlandbakery would say. I had to be there. I remember it like it were yesterday. Wifey, baby girl, and my in laws were at church. I went on my own to this event. The family met up with me later on. My father in law still praises @darlandbakery for their goodies.

This is my first picture of this gorgeous looking truck just staring at me and calling my name.

All of a sudden people starting gathering around. Now, keep in mind I show up early to everything. So, seeing people come out early was new to me.

More locals coming by and supporting @darlandbakery. Here is when it hit me, these are all the locals who have known the Darland family for years and years. They go several generations back as far as bakers are concerned.

It took less than an hour for this whole place to get crowded. Now there were other food trucks there as well but I was on a sweets mission. I asked what there special or their popular item was when I was told by a lovely lady that all of it was popular. I smiled and bought cupcakes. Their sons work on the truck as well. It truly is a family business. The young boys were very astute when it came to customer service and even passing out free smiles to every customer that came by.

Now, because of time I will fast forward the story. I have become so addicted to @darlandbakery that I sent out a message to them via Twitter asking to be contacted. I requested a dozen red velvet cupcakes. I went to pick them up at the Edgewood Farmers Market where they tend to be Thursday nights. I arrived to the market and there they were, just waiting for me.

A dozen red velvet cupcakes. 12 yummy cupcakes to be eaten only by me. Ok, I lie, baby girl had one. : ). John, the owner, and his family are the nicest people you will ever meet. The whole family has a heart of gold. I have seen them at several events and I can never buy just one cupcake. I always buy several items from them.

Every event they sell different items depending on what event they are going to. One time I was able to see them at an event and I got a cone from them. Their cake cones are amazing. Really, everything they make is Grade A.

Red velvet cake cone. I also tried the mint chocolate one.

I have tried their breads and even one time they had a chicken pot pie that wifey and I loved. When you check out their website you will see that they distribute to many other companies as well. Some high profile companies too. I will have to say this, with as good as the product is and with as many companies that they deal with, you would think they would be arrogant and rude. They are the complete opposite. Humble and always extremely gracious to everyone that buys from them. Darland truly has a place in my heart and my families heart.
Now, don’t be fooled by my pictures. I am a lover of red velvet, but they have all types of flavors.

You can order assortments and also order different size cupcakes. I like the big ones personally. Great treats and great peeps.

Darland family: For everything you have done for my family and I, I want to say thank you and look forward to a long term cupcake relationship with you all.

Baby Girl: APPROVED!!!

Foodbidden: APPROVED!!!

Darland Bakery Inc
2417 E South Street, Orlando, FL
(407) 894-1061
Twitter: @darlandbakery
Facebook: Darland Bakery Inc.
Darland Bakery Food truck is a moving target. Be sure to follow them on the social media sites.

Location:Moving Target

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