Willy’s Wieners

Even though I am the millionth person blogging about this place, I felt I needed to say my piece too. Mine has more of a personal touch to it. When walking into Willy’s Wieners a few months ago for the first time with my wife and baby girl. It turned out that @Willys_Wieners and my wife were childhood friends. I know @Willys_Wieners mom on a personal level and her mom was also the realtor that helped me buy my first house as a bachelor and our first town home as a married couple. So, already @Willys_Wieners is like family. Plus, she sells Chicago style hot dogs which reminds me of my hometown, so it is all connected in the circle of life. (Singing “Circle Of Life” now) or (“It’s A Small World”)

Sadly, I came here several months ago and took great pictures. Pictures that I cannot find right now. For now I have simple pictures we took and when I am able to find my pics or take some new ones I will update the blog.

The menu. My favorite part. As I mentioned before, it takes me back to my childhood in Chicago when we would walk in and have a few items to choose from and that was it. Life was so much simpler then. @Willys_Wieners also has specials on a daily basis and she has creative names for some of her specials that appear on the board.

I would love to be in @Willys_Wieners head for one day and figure out where all her names for her specials come from.

Tonight was a gorgeous night. We decided to sit outside. @annrodoz came and joined us. She read my tweets and knew I was around, so she came by to hang out with us. Thanks for doing that ARO.

This is proof that WE DO exist and even though I eat out everyday I do not weigh 600 lbs. (Yet)
Thanks for the pic @annrodoz!

What you see me chomping on is an Italian Beef with cheese and hot peppers. My dad to this day lives in Chicago and loves these. While I was eating it for the first time it reminded me of hanging out with my dad in Chicago. Great memories.

Baby girl always keeps it plain. In the past I have ordered the Chicago Style Hot Dog that is fantastic and ordered the Pizza Puff from @Willys_Wieners, which was just like we ate at the joints in Chi-town.

I literally just found this picture digging through my archives. I have many food pics and luckily found this one. This is their Famous Chicago Style Hot Dog, mustard, onions, sweet pickled relish, dill spear, tomato slice, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. Need I say more? WOW!

Nice atmosphere. Walked in one time during lunch hour and it was hoppin’. Be prepared to be amazed with how good it all is. My goal for next time is to order one from each item and just sample all that @Willys_Wieners has to offer. Don’t tempt me cuz ya know I will and can.

Baby Girl gives it a two thumbs up!! If she likes it then y’all know y’all need to come down and check this place out.

NOTE: The food is always good. But I go for the friendliness and customer service. Miss G, I congratulate you and your team for such a great business.

Baby girl and Foodbidden DOUBLE APPROVED!!!

Willy’s Wieners
(407) 201-7916
108 E Dakin Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:108 E Dakin Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741

Willy's Wieners on Urbanspoon


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