Kissimmee Farmers Market

As soon as I arrived I bumped into @Willys_Wieners. Great to see you. Big Wheel Provisions was there with their Homemade Egg Nog made with local eggs.

I had to get a bottle and glad to know my dear gorgeous friend @kokocooks was getting one from the Big Wheel Food Truck at Tasty Tuesdays in Orlando.

Dills, Peppers. Etc. from Big Wheel Provisions.

Flavored butters and jams.

Thanks to @Willys_Wieners for sharing one of her Sweet Pickle Relish jars with me. She says it is delicious. If @Willys_Wieners is saying its good, then I knew I had to say yes to it.

Great gifts for the holidays at the Kissimmee Farmers Market. When baby girl and I were leaving we saw these lovely boxes light up.

Fresh produce at the market tonight. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the vendors. As you imagine they were the busiest at the Farmers Market tonight.

All kinds of different Honey. Baby girl tried the blackberry honey and she liked it.

Baby girls favorite. The homemade bracelets.

He makes them with tabs from soda cans. He makes them himself and sells them. The money he makes is towards a cure for cancer.

Nice and fresh. Again, didn’t get a name on these vendors.

Check out Scentsy. Penny Hipkins is an independent consultant for them and you can check her out on

Loraine Elegance. Handmade organic skin care. These ladies gave me their business card and I lost it. Luckily, I took a picture of their tent and their banner has their website. Check them out. Everything smelled delicious.

Majestic Treats was in the house and I had to buy the pumpkin loaf and the banana bread. While driving home all we could smell was that magnificent bread. Jan was super nice. Seems to be the owner. Great personality and all the breads looked fantastic.

Different kind of fudge from Crazy horse Cupcakes. Lori makes all these sweets and treats locally. And she makes cupcakes. She had me at cupcakes. Check her website at Free delivery with minimum order.

Joy Of Garlic! He had me at sugar free.

Joy Of Garlic took this to whole other level. I purchased the Garlic Sun Dried Tomatoes.

It’s the perfect marinade and rub for meat and fish. He had samples at the tent. You can try everything he has on display.

This Farmers Market needs some serious love. Not many people show up. This Farmers Market used to be on Thursday mornings and didn’t get a good turn out. Now they have changed it to Tuesday night. Compared to the other markets this is super tiny. In fact, @annrodoz joined me after a bit and was wondering where the produce was it. It truly is small, but with lots of loving this could truly take off.

Baby girl and Foodbidden semi approved! After a few months this will be a great Farmers Market. Come on out, like we do, and support the Kissimmee Farmers Market.

Kissimmee Farmers Market
201 East Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee, FL
Every Tuesday 4pm to 8pm.

Location:201 East Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee, FL

Downtown Kissimmee Farmers’ Market at Toho Square
(407) 892-1135
104 Pleasant Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Downtown Kissimmee Farmers' Market at Toho Square on Urbanspoon

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