Junior Colombian Burger

Yes I know. My notorious crooked pictures. The tilted angle that gives it a mysterious look. No, it’s just me with messed up vision.

Lots of people in tonight. Saturday night seems to bring all the Latino locals in. Baby girl and I had gone food truckin but we are always game for a new place. They have a locale in Orlando on Kirkman. This one has only been open 45 days according to the gentleman at the register. We ordered the Colombian burger,

This burger deserved two pictures. It had everything inside: Lettuce, tomato, mayo/ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, potato chips, garlic sauce, pineapple, and hot dog. Truth be told I originally ordered two burgers and we only ate one. Here is the other one all wrapped up,

You can appreciate the size of it in this picture. Funny thing, you can order single, double, or triple. These burgers are HUGE! I knew I had to taste their hot dog. I ordered the Super Junior hot dog,

Pardon the tiny picture. I had to take this pic all kinds of strange ways so it would fit on my camera. This hot dog has onions, cheese, potato chips, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, mayo/ketchup, and pineapple. Truly fully loaded. And don’t let the picture fool you. It is loooong!
Urbanspoon doesn’t have the OBT address as of yet. They only have the Kirkman address. Come and check them out. On the corner of OBT and Central Florida Parkway.

Baby girl and Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Junior Colombian Burger
(407) 856 4747
10910 South Trail Circle Orlando, FL, 32837

Location:10910 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32819

Junior Colombian Burger on Urbanspoon


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