Casselberry Farmers Market

Today was the first day of the Casselberry Farmers Market at 95 Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707. The lovely people from @PopCraftCtrlFla were the creators of this event. They picked a great day to get it all going. Gorgeous weather!

The produce looked amazing. They are the same people who sell produce at the Edgewood Farmers Market. The @CasselberryMrkt had vendors selling all kinds of goodies and of course my personal favorite, the food trucks,

The sweet people from @Cafecocoamo and @thecrepecompany are always so kind when they see baby girl and I. Thank you both for your great tasting items. Baby girl loves @Cafecocoamo Strawberry and Banana smoothie (not pictured). We also had the banana and Nutella crepe from @thecrepecompany (not pictured) Tasty as always. Niffty Fiffty’s was also there. Great seeing all of you again. Next up was Bluegrass BBQ,

Pulled Pork and baked beans. Very friendly staff. First time I have seen them. They do catering as well.

I had to get one of these bottles. The “Cat In Heat”. They have chips on the table and you taste the sauces on the spot.

I have been following @glazedninfused1 for a while now and it was nice to find them. Vegan donuts are hard to find in the Orlando area. These were surprisingly good. Not at all what I expected.

They also had the butterfly house. You could feed and interact with the butterflies.

You would put your finger in Gatorade and the butterfly would sit on your finger. That was a nice touch to have at the Farmers Market.

All kinds of vendors with different kinds of goodies. Organic soaps, homemade bags and jewelry, organic dressings, and handmade ceramics.

And who could forget the Kettle Corn. It smelled very good when he arrived.

The Farmers Market is located at the Casselberry City Hall and this is the view. Great location. More vendors will be making appearances and they also will have cooking demonstrations, wellness discussions, etc.

Come and visit The Farmers Market in Casselberry, FL. @CasselberryMrkt on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm.

Congrats to @PopCraftCtrlFla on such a great event. Hoping to come again and again.

Baby girl and Foodbidden APPROVED!

Casselberry Farmers Market
95 Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707
Every Sunday 12pm to 4pm
Twitter: @CasselberryMrkt

Location:95 Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707


One thought on “Casselberry Farmers Market

  1. Next to reading the Bhagavid Gita, my experience at the “Casselberry Farmers Market” was exhilerating and a truly happy shopping time. The food was fresh, immaculatley prepared, prices were great and the vendors knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I highly recommend shopping to everyone at the Casselberry “Farmers Market” on Sunday afternoons.

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