Border Grill Fresh Mex

Happy Black Friday! I did not go shopping, but I did eat. Gorgeous day in Orlando. I got a tip from @eatlocalorlando and @yelporlando about a great Mexican restaurant in Orlando. Thanks to C and C for their recommendations.
Thanks to @droolius for his suggestions as well.

Nice and cozy place. People were seated behind me in the one and only booth and the rest were stools like shown in the pictures above. This place could probably seat about 15 people max. My kind of restaurant.

This is where the food magic happens. You can tell by the pic it’s a small place. I love spots like this.

Freshly made Mexican juices (aguas frescas) on the bottom and Mexican cokes up above and Jarritos.

Menu on the board. Look at the choices above. Plus they have specials everyday.

Growing up in Chicago I loved the small Mexican restaurants that had small menus. Let us begin shall we,

Cheese quesadillas. Baby girls favorite. In her own words these are “REALLY” cheesy. They come with pico de gallo and sour cream.

An assortment of tacos: Pastor, Pibil (Yucatan Slow Roasted Pork), Grilled Chicken, Chorizo, and Steak. And needless to say they come with cilantro and onions. Wifey and I started with these and had to get a second round because they were so good. Decided on getting them a la carte to try a bit of everything. Round two was just as tasty as round one.

Choice of sauces. From super baby to super hot. Wifey and I went for the super hot Habanero with Avocado, pictured below.

Washed it all down with an agua de Tamarindo. Great way to end a great meal. There was no room for desserts. We will have to come again and try them.

Veronica our server and possibly part owner had told me that they make their aguas frescas from scratch.
The Mexican food is truly authentic and cooked with the D.F. flare that you don’t find in most parts of Orlando or Florida for that matter. I see why they are highly rated in all their reviews.
Don’t be fooled by the pictures. This place is hoppin’ at all times. Wifey made an observation. Even though there were Latinos who were in the restaurant, most of their clientele were Americanos. We ALWAYS enjoy seeing diversity within a Mexican restaurant. All for the love of food.

Wifey, baby girl, and Foodbidden APPROVED.


Border Grill
(407) 352-0101
5695 Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32819
Instagram: bgfreshmex
Facebook: Border Grill Fresh Mex
Twitter: @bordergrillorl

Location:5695 Vineland Road Orlando, FL 32819

Border Grill on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Border Grill Fresh Mex

  1. This looks absolutely fantastic. We have a real affinity for these types of places. Glad to know we have another to add to the list to try. Love, love, love. Thanks for sharing!

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