Woodsby’s Countryside Cafe

Ok, so before I begin. It’s not your eyes deceiving you. It’s my non photographic abilities. All my pics and I do mean ALL my pics come out with a tilt. I am starting to get a complex. I can’t seem to take a straight picture. Same thing when I am trying to put a sticker on something. It always looks crooked. Anyway, enough about me and my faults. Lets get to the “food stuff”

Way way back when I used to workout this would be what I ordered all the time. Here at Woodsby’s they take it to a whole new level. This is what true southern style home cookin is all about. Eggs over easy of course.

Wifey got the good stuff. Notice the huge biscuit on the side. This was our first time here and we loved it. My good friend @ann_rodoz recommended this place to us. Sorry we couldn’t bring you with us ARO. Next time we will all go together.

Baby girl ordered something similar to mommy. But hers came with toast. Crispy hash browns is the only way to go.

And just for fun I had to try their French toast. Growing up I was never really a fan. Now I am noticing I am picky when it comes to French toast. Me picky. That is funny seeing the way I eat everyday. This is a great restaurant. Always busy. They serve dinner as well although rumor has it that breakfast is their specialty. Embarrassed to say that I couldn’t take a picture inside the restaurant because it was so full. People get creeped out when I start taking pics in a restaurant. Wonder why? : )

Wifey, baby girl, and Foodbidden Approved!! Great place for home style cooked meal and it’s great for those on a budget. Ask for Ashley.

Woodsby’s Countryside Café
(407) 932-2252
4515 South Orange Blossom Trail
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Location:4515 South Orange Blossom Trail Kissimmee, FL 34746

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