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It was lunch time and I was craving some good Mexican tacos. Sazon Latino or El Sazon Latino, which is their Facebook page, is a great place to get a bite to eat.

They have lunch specials everyday. The owner has chosen to make small amounts of food to be sure that its all fresh. Example, they make a small batch of rice in the morning. By mid afternoon they make a fresh new batch.

I love the look and feel of the restaurant. This place used to be a Puerto Rican restaurant. Sazon Latino has now come in and introduced Kissimmee to the Acapulco Guerrero type Mexican food that we have been waiting for. They have been open for three months now. I have no doubt they will be here for many years to come. Now, lets get to the “food” stuff.

Steak tacos with cilantro, onions, and a radish on top. The true Acapulco Guerrero way. The meat tasted great. The true carne asada that I so truly love. No boiling of the meat and its made on the spot. As I always say, the tacos are my “go to” dish in any Mexican restaurant. As soon as I tried these I had to order more.

The cheese quesadillas with chicken were amazing. With a side of yellow rice and black beans. True, fresh Mexican cheese. It was only me this time around and I had to bring food home as well.

To Go: Chile Relleno with cheese (stuffed pepper) with yellow rice and black beans. I got messy while bringing it home. These are great. Growing up I ate them filled with carne molida (ground beef). My dad didn’t like them filled with cheese. As I got older I loved them stuffed with cheese. I would have only asked to have the pepper to be more spicy. That’s how my dad liked them. I know it wouldn’t be possible to make them spicy because customers would not be able to take the spice. Maybe I will ask for a special order. : )

To Go: Their tamales are so good. I ordered four of them. I got an assortment. They have cheese, chicken, and pickled green pepper (rajas). They are wrapped in banana leaves which makes them taste even yummier. Growing up in Chicago I have tasted all kinds of tamales. You can taste the freshness immediately. Even the owner was having one while I sat down and ate there. Means a lot to me when the owners eat what they have cooked themselves.

To Go: The other item was the steak burrito filled with rice and beans. I am not a fan of a burrito filled with anything. I like it filled with steak, cheese, onions, and cheese. But this one I had to try just like they make it. I was very impressed how all the flavors came together in this burrito. It’s a good size and they serve great portions.

They open at 9am and serve breakfast as well. I have personally spoken to the owners and they are very nice and caring people. I enjoy supporting local businesses for this same reason.
Come and check them out.

Foodbidden approved!

Sazon Latino
632 E Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34744-1612

Location:500 E Osceola Pkwy Kissimmee, FL 34744-1612


Sazon Latino on Urbanspoon

Sazon Latino on Urbanspoon


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