Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles Food Truck

My father in law took me to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in California. I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever heard. After waiting in line for about twenty minutes and having to go through a bouncer to get in the door we were finally let in. The chicken and waffle mix blew my mind. I needed more of this. When I came back to Orlando I searched on line and found @Melissaswaffles. It was a moving target so I had to always be on top of where they were and and what times. I finally found them. It’s been the best experience ever. It got me addicted to food trucks in general. @Melissaswaffles has always been gracious and very kind. The owners have truly become people that I would love to hang out with. It is always a pleasure to eat at this truck.
Enough of my cheesy story. Lets get to the good stuff!! First order,

Chicken and Waffle with country gravy. YUM. My daughter who is 9 years old always loved her waffles plain, but now she is hooked on the country gravy waffle. This one is one of those that words cannot explain. You have to try this one for yourself. I sometimes add syrup as well just to have the sweet and the salty taste in one. Fantastic.

Second order,

The Spicy Waffle, lettuce, tomato, topped with spicy house sauce. Amazing. All those flavors put together are great. I tend to grab it and fold it up and eat it like a big ole taco. Messy and delicious.

Third order,

The Spicy Taco, @melissaswaffles has really perfected this. All the spicyness in a taco. A dream come true for me. I was tempted to add syrup to this too just to see what it would taste like. We also tried the Spicy taco with ranch dressing to changed it up a bit.

Wonderful with the ranch dressing. Nice to have the spicy of the house sauce and some tangy flavor from the ranch. Nothing tops this fantastic taco better than some waffle fries.

There they are in all their glory. The question is how to make room for these fries after tasting all these waffles and tacos. If ever in a mood for something salty and sweet come on by and visit Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles. Best way to find them is on Twitter. @Melissaswaffles. Enjoy

Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles Food Truck
Moving Target
Follow them on Twitter: @melissaswaffles

Location:Moving target

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One thought on “Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles Food Truck

  1. Hey – loving the blog!. I can vouch the waffle-chicken combo with gravy is delish. 🙂 If I ever catch that truck again, I’ll try your other recommendations.

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