Fish Taco (Osceola Mall)

Call me as ghetto as you like. I was at the Osceola Mall and I had to do this. I am sure you are all asking what the heck I was doing there. There is a new Mexican restaurant and it’s called Fish Tacos. New to me but it seems it has been at the mall for a bit now. Only reason I am saying that is because it seems to have repeat customers. Of course knowing me I ordered everything but a fish taco. First up was the nachos.

Look at all the goodies inside. These were the chicken nachos. Very nicely put together. It was nice to pick a nacho up and combine it with everything and make the perfect bite. I am curious to know how much business they get seeing how this mall needs a lot of love. The next dish were the Flautas. These were mixed. Cheese, chicken, beef. Thank you so much Damassy for this recommendation.

These are very delicious. They really know how to present their food. It seems like the person at the register is also the owner he is very friendly and outgoing. He always suggests a drink after you order. Good up sell. Last but not least is my “go to” dish at every Mexican restaurant.

Just the way I love them. Steak tacos with cilantro and onions. This is the true way to eat a taco. Lots of flavor and again the presentation was amazing. They have three sauces to choose from mild, medium, and hot. I know it doesn’t make any sense to go to a place called Fish Tacos and get steak tacos, but I just had to do it. For me the true test of an authentic Mexican restaurant is how they make their steak tacos. Every dish I had was very good. Lots of flavor. I would suggest this restaurant to anybody, but I just wouldn’t recommend this mall to everybody. It truly needs a facelift.
If you are ever in my neck of the woods stop on by.

Fish Taco (Osceola Mall)
(440) 847-8226
3831 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:3831 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:3831 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

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