Cask and Larder Whole Cookery Feast

Seems unfair that I am writing about Cask and Larder again. I have gone now three weeks in a row. Tempted to make a reservation for next week as well just to feel I have been there every weekend of this month. This time it was different. We did and evening event. We had a pre set menu. It’s called the Whole Cookery Feast. You have several pre set menu items to choose from.

Photo courtesy of

The selection for this evening was the Suckling Pig. With the sides that you see posted above. The pig is brought out for our viewing pleasure. As foodies/food bloggers we just had to take pictures.

I couldn’t get really good picture the front of the pig. @CaskLarder was nice enough to send me a picture they had taken so I will post that one as well.

Photo courtesy of Cask and Larder (@CaskLarder)

Here is what it looks like when “foodsters” get together to make a perfect pic

The pig is then taken out of the room while we start getting served salads.

While anxiously awaiting the pig we had some beverages. @CaskLarder brews their own beers and makes fantastic mixed drinks. The bar in the evening is always hoppin’ and the beer flights are the most popular order.
Now back to the good part, We were asked if we wanted to order any extra sides and of course the answer was yes. As we were finishing the salad the sides started coming out.

I only took a pic of the Mac and cheese because it was my favorite. Other sides that fellow “foodsters” ordered I did not take pics of. I was truly not in a side dish picture sort of mood tonight. But then, the moment of truth. They brought in what we were all waiting for. The pig

Again, not the best pics because we were all eating and taking pics and moving around. But again, to give you an idea of what the family style feast looks like.
There were a total of eight of us and we had to get boxes to go because it was so much food. Adam our server was nice enough to make individual boxes and split up a little bit of everything in the box. Once most of us, except @Droolius, had thrown in the towel @CaskLarder brought out the dessert.

Again, done family style. A little bit of everything for dessert. As you can see from the menu above it is a chef’s selection. Which I like, I know if I come again the dessert will be different for the next feast. I loved that about their brunch. It changed week by week. I like that they mix it up and always keep it new. I really can’t say enough about this place. It’s my third time coming this month. I think that says it all. Come and check them out when you are in the Winter Park area.

Thanks to the @CaskLarder team working hard serving us our meals tonight. Also, big thanks to the “foodsters” that ate tonight. Until we “Eat” again my friends. Looking forward to it.

For more pics and blogs regarding this event go to: or follow them on twitter:

Cask & Larder
(321) 280-4200
565 West Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789 for menu items and reservations.

Location:565 West Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

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