La Finca Mexican Grill

This is my second time here. Used to be the old Ponderosa in front of the Royal Caribe hotel. Huge place. I will have to bring all the foodies here to check this out. Plenty of room.

I like coming early to avoid the lunch rush. They open at 11am and close at about the same time or later on the weekends.

I love this. Lunch specials on the TV while showing Mexican soap operas. I had to take a pic of this. They have great lunch specials and the staff is extremely helpful and super friendly. The true ranchero Mexican playing in the background feels great. Today I am alone so I only ordered four steak tacos with onions and cilantro. The green sauce they serve adds a little kick to the tacos. Very nice. The chips and salsa are great. Look at all that salsa they serve. I love big portions.

I love the way they are presented when they bring it to the table. Makes me feel bad to open them up.

Just the right size and the perfect flavor. Glad they are around this area. Disney needed a good Mexican restaurant. La Finca is the right choice. Their menu is huge just like their restaurant. Loads of offerings and yes lots of alcohol to choose from. I highly recommend this place. Especially, for a big group. Very family friendly place and great atmosphere. A must see in the Disney area. Right off of 535 and 536. Please ask for Berenice. She is extremely friendly and great attitude. That is hard to find nowadays. Thank you so much for the food and nice chatting with you. Best of luck in Orlando.

UPDATE: Tonight I went back with my friend Traci, wifey, and baby girl. We ordered the Tres Leches.

I have had these growing up and at every Spanish restaurant that I go to. This one is the best I have ever had. No lie. This was soooooo good.

La Finca Mexican Grill
(407) 465-1414
8200 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

Location:World Center Dr,Orlando,United States

La Finca Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

La Finca Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “La Finca Mexican Grill

    • You are very close. It was the old Ponderosa literally in front of Royal Caribe. I used to have breakfast there and they closed down. Now this new place is up. It’s really good. Let me know when we can go.

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