Kosher On Wheels

My third time here and the owner knows my name. Awesome. Always makes me feel welcomed. This food truck is amazing. I have tried their Shawarma, Chicken Schintzel, and Baby chicken on a pita.

Great menu. Lots of choices. And trust me the price is worth every penny.

The table coming out of the truck is my favorite part. In the back the table is much longer. Accommodates plenty of folks in the mood to get some Kosher food.

This is the back part of the truck. Look at how long that table is. I wanna bring all the foodies here and have a feast.

It’s truly like a restaurant. Gorgeous weather today so I am sitting here to hang out. It’s covered as well with a canopy so it makes the experience ten times better.

I love their flyer. I finally got the exact address. You have to check them out.

My order today thanks to the owner Nati. The Kebab on a pita.

This was exquisite. I am convinced everything he makes is good. I have heard from that his falafel is great too. Awesome truck. Great find. I gotta spread the word.

Kosher On Wheels
5447 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
Open from 10am to 11pm.

Location:5447 International drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Kosher on Wheels Food Truck on Urbanspoon


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