Nara Deva Thai

Wow! What a day. Started off with a brunch from Cask and Larder (@CaskLarder) and ended with some great Thai food courtesy of Nara Deva Thai (@naradevathai). I am super exhausted so here it goes. Thank you so much to @kokocooks and @Joeyme1 for such a fantastic meal. Also, a huge thank you to the owner and the staff of @naradevathai. We are so grateful for your kindness. Ok, now lets get to the good stuff.

Spring Rolls. Crispy Spring Rolls, stuffed with shredded cabbage, grated carrots and fragrant mushrooms,
chopped celery and clear noodles, served with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Thai Jerky. Marinated in flavorful Thai Jerky sauce, deep fried & served with Spicy Lemon & Chili dip.

Chicken Curry Puffs. Crunchy Puff Pastries filled with mildly spiced, curried chicken and potatoes.

DEVA FRIED RICE : Garlic Chili optional. House Recipe Fried Rice with Thai blend tomato sauce, with chopped ham, bacon, sausage,
sweet corn, sweet peas, tomatoes & onions, topped with a Crispy fried egg.
This one I have ordered for the second time and I love it. That rice has a little bit of everything. It’s perfect.

Thai signature – fried noodles (Pad Thai). Stir-fried Rice noodles in Pad Thai shrimp-flavored Tamarind Sauce, with eggs, scallion, bean sprouts,
and crushed peanuts.
Fantastic. This one was @kokocooks dish.

Sautéed spicy Thai basil sauce (Pad Kaprao). Ground Chicken sautéed in spicy Thai Basil Sauce, with long beans and bamboo shoots.
This time I didn’t get Thai Hot. I just ordered medium. @Joeyme1 had ordered a Thai hot Panang Curry (not pictured) so we ordered the rest of the dishes non spicy.

A total of 4 adults and 2 children. They accommodate families. Very nice decor. Their Thai Tea is amazing. This is a must try place. We like eating family style so it makes it easy for us to try a little bit of each others food. Experience Thai food like never before.

NaraDeva Thai Restaurant
(407) 903-0300
4696 Millenia Plaza Way
Orlando, FL 32839

Location:4696 Millenia Plaza Way Orlando, FL 32839

NaraDeva Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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