Via Caffe

We sat down in this nice cozy cafe in Nassau. Now I have to say I have been here before and was not impressed. This time around I was pleasantly surprised.

The menu caught my eye immediately. There were some food items you could not get until after 5pm. Which was strange cuz I swore I saw pizza within those items. Either way I had decided what I wanted. We started with the Steak Wrap. Via’s version of the classic Philly cheese steak with onions, mushroom, peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Served with Cajun fries.

All this yumminess in one wrap is hard to explain. We tasted some A-1 sauce which was possible but it was the perfect bite each time. Our next item on the menu was the Conch Fritters. It was about 12:30pm and the server wasn’t sure if they were available at this time or not but he did bring them out with our entree.

I should have asked what the sauce was because it was fantastic. I always assume its mayonnaise and ketchup cuz it had that same consistency. If ever in town check out Via Caffe. Just in front of The Festival place terminal.

Location:Nassau Bahamas


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