Sugar Happens

This one is for my dear friend Carmelo. I was in Nassau one time before and he had asked for chocolates. I had no idea what he was talking about. Until I found the shop by following the sign above.

Great looking store from the outside. I won’t lie I was scared because there were bees inside on the windows. When you walk in it was heavenly. They had it all. Candies galore.

These were all the chocolates. And I do mean all. Even chocolate gummies. Which I had tried before and didn’t like them. My favorite was the white chocolate and milk chocolate. And they come in huge pieces too. Very good. Pricey, but in my opinion very much worth it.

All types of candies too. I am not a candy fan so I didn’t even look at what kind they had, but I did have to take a pic of it to show you.

I felt like it was never ending treats and sweets. I wanted to buy bags and bags of goodies from this store.

13 lollipops in one big ole pop. Yikes. Notice how huge the pop is. Who could eat all of that? It would probably take months to finish one.

Dunno why the lighting caught my eye. Actually, I think I heard someone mention it so I had to take a pic. Not a good shot, but gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Love the look behind the register. Even the girl with the white sweater had something in the back that said, “Oh Sugary” or something like that. I couldn’t get the exact address. All the girl said was Prince George Plaza. So, if you are ever in Nassau make sure to “bee” on the look out and find them. Great place.

Location:Nassau Bahamas


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