Royal Palace

Here we are. Our final evening together. It’s been a blast. Once again thanks to the Jones family for being so supportive with my OCD-ness with taking food pics.
We start with our usual bread in a basket. Warm herb brioche with an olive spread. I should have taken a better pic of the basket. It looks like Cinderella’s coach. They should sell these at the stores.

First appetizer, was the Double baked spinach and cheese soufflé. Coated with a three cheese cream.

Second appetizer,
Iced lobster and jumbo shrimp. White and green asparagus, micro greens, and lemon dill dressing with horseradish cream.

Salad of the evening was the Avocado citrus salad with iceberg and radicchio leaves and orange vinaigrette.

The soup of the evening was the French onion soup with gruyere cheese crouton.

Now on to the first entree. Aged Angus beef tenderloin topped with garlic shrimp. Sautéed snow peas and marquis potatoes with a cognac reduction.

Second entree, Oven baked Salmon royal. Crowned with king smoked salmon and horseradish crust accompanied by sautéed Swiss chard, truffle infused cauliflower purée and white wine beurre blanc.

Thank you so much to the Jones family for the picture of their dish. They had the double cut rack of lamb with a Dijon crust with fine green beans, gratin potatoes and a rosemary jus.

For dessert. As always I had the sweet temptations. A little bit of everything. Mango cheesecake, peanut butter mousse, Tahitian vanilla creme brûlée.

Dessert number two is the Grand Marnier soufflé. Infused with fresh orange zest and served with creme anglaise.

Courtesy of the Jones family. The Tahitian Vanilla creme brûlée with almond biscotti.

They also had the chocolate ganache. Served with Breton sable and mango coulis.

As a surprise they were also served a banana split which they were very happy in getting. The Jones family rocks!!

Great way to end the cruise. Perfect meals and a perfect family. Until we “eat” again.

Location:Disney Dream


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