Cask And Larder Brunch

To make a long story short. I was at Cask and Larder last week for brunch and I had to go again. What an amazing place. I wanted to take pics of the restaurant but was so obsessed with the food I went right to it. We got the menu and literally circled 7 things off the menu. Last week we had done the same thing. Family style always works with heavy duty foodies. Adrienne, our server, who we had last week just kept the dishes coming as we cleared each dish that came to us. We requested Adrienne to be our server again this week. She is very attentive and super sweet. So now let’s talk food. In order of appearance.

The Bloody Mary ordered by my lovely sister in law. My brother in law had a sip and he said it was like a cold soup with all types of yumminess inside. The staff recommended this drink. Good stuff.

First dish was the Fried chicken & Waffles. Orange ricotta, maple balsamic, blackberries. Now understand, I have had these before in Hollywood California at the popular Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. Cask and Larder took these to a whole new level in taste. The maple balsamic makes your taste buds pop.

The Southern Ma’am. Grilled brioche, swiss cheese, ham jam, fried egg, greens. Need I say more?? The pic and the description is enough. I love this dish. Every time I get it I can’t get enough of it.

Anson Mills grits with ham butter. I am not and have never been a fan of grits. Until now. And with the ham butter makes it the perfect bite. My sister in law ordered these and they were divine.

Bacon and eggs. Crispy vanilla pork belly, scrambled eggs, sourdough. I know for a fact that it took me two seconds to eat them because they were so good. I loved having a bit of everything and sharing with the family.

Frittata. Chorizo, roasted potatoes, swiss cheese, hen of the woods. This one was my idea. I had seen it last week on the menu and decided to try it today. So glad I did. Very light and flavorful. The chorizo made this dish for me.

Buttermilk pancakes. Ginger-maple sausage, roasted potatoes, Virginia maple syrup. I agree with my brother in law, these pancakes were just the right size and fluffiness. And the sausage flavor was intense. There were all kinds of flavor in each bite.

French toast. Battered and deep fried, Apple butter, roasted pumpkin, foie gras. Foie Gras, Nuff said!!

Biscuits & Gravy. Black pepper biscuits, pork sausage gravy. Nice and soft biscuits. Baked to perfection and the gravy hits the spot.

Bakeshop on a board. Profiteroles, muffins, coffee cake, apple cider glazed fritters. A perfect ending to a fantastic meal. A taste of each baked good. One word, WOW! The family favorite was the Profiteroles: A pastry filled with raspberry jam and peanut butter mousse.

Overall this experience was amazing. I would come here every Sunday if I could. Some reviews on line were negative. Don’t know what they were thinking and not sure what they ate because everything is so good here. Great service from Adrienne. We will ask for her each time we go.

Cask & Larder
(321) 280-4200
565 West Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Location:565 West Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

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