Disney Dream room

Ahhhhh…the Disney Dream. What a great place to be for three days.

This time around I got a nice comfy room. Sometimes they run on the smaller side. This is the one I like to get when wifey and baby girl are with me. This time around I was solo.

Plenty of room for three and we can all have our things separate from each other. It’s a girls vs boy thing we have.

Baby girl tends to use the “leg rest” as her place to put clothes. The wooden part you see opens up and you can put stuff inside. Perfect for baby girl.

Even this bathroom is a lot bigger than the normal rooms. This is a higher category type room.

Nice second bathroom. This is where the shower is at. Two separate bathrooms is nice for a family.

Cute little tub. The other rooms have a small tub where only a child could fit. This one seems to just be for show.

This is where the TV is at. I love this part. It’s like a long huge desk. Makes me feel smart and important.

Location:Disney Dream


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