Taqueria Tres Amigos

Wifey and I came back from Vero Beach today, but we had to make one last stop before we went to pick up our daughter. Taqueria Tres Amigos has been in Kissimmee now for about three years. Sad to say this is the first time I have been. So glad I did stop by. It was so worth it. It’s located in the historic area of downtown Kissimmee. When I first saw the restaurant I was taken aback. From the outside it has the Taqueria sign but has a Puerto Rican flag inside. Well, ya know me. It sparked my interest so I had to go in.

Wish I would have taken a picture of the PR flag inside. I am sure I will be going again so I will update the blog when I do get the pic. The best part of this was the PR buffet in the Mexican restaurant.

And I am talking everything, alcapurrias made to order, empanadas, quesitos, chuletas, carne guisada, etc. The buffet looked great. Wifey and I decided to order from the menu. I was in the mood for some serious steak tacos. We started with two. WOW! Amazing taste. Flavor all over the place. I went back and ordered four more.

They were just the right size and just the way I like them. Steak, onions, and cilantro. YUM. Squirted a little lime and we were set. The one taco you see on the top we added red sauce which is given to you on the side when you order the tacos. Not super spicy, but it was just the right touch to enhance the flavor of the tacos. When wifey and I were done we ordered to go so we would have dinner for tonight. I told our server I was going to order more and she was ready with her pad and pen.

I started with the steak burrito

I appreciated that the owner allowed me to take pics at the restaurant before I brought them home. It has the works in it. Rice, beans, steak, etc. This one looks like it may be mine for dinner tonight. Next on the list was the chicken and cheese quesadillas.

Just the way baby girl likes them. Actually, she just loves the sour cream, but that’s a whole other blog. They add a side of pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole. Looks great.

The other dish we ordered to go was the Carne Asada with rice and beans.

Not the best pic, but again I was glad the owner let me take them before I brought it home.

The staff was amazing. Very friendly and informative. They open for breakfast at 8:00am and close at 6:00pm on the weekdays. Weekends they close at 9:00pm or 10:00pm if its busy. Weekend specials include Menudo. I would recommend this place to everyone. Actually, when my parents come to visit I will take them to Taqueria Tres Amigos.

Taqueria Tres Amigos
(407) 870-9989
231 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:231 Broadway Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34741

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