Basil Ristorante Italiano

Wow. What a fun three days of eating and tasting everything that Vero Beach and Sebastian Florida has to offer. As I told my wife, there weren’t enough hours in a day to try all the restaurants in town. We truly ended with a bang. Italian was the theme of the evening.

Again, checked online and read the reviews. I will admit I was a bit nervous about this one but it turned out to be the perfect ending to a great mini vacation.

From the outside we pictured the restaurant to be huge. How happily mistaken we were when we walked in and it was nice and cozy. This is definitely our style. The server apologized for not greeting us at the door since we went ahead and sat ourselves. The soup of the evening was Pasta Fagioli.

It wasn’t our favorite. Wifey described it best as tasting like Puerto Rican red beans. I think we took two or three bites and moved the cups to the side to prepare ourselves for the main entree. Wifey ordered the Spaghetti Bolagnaise.

Very good. Of course, wifey added some pepper and crushed red pepper flakes to give it some kick. Huge portion. Half of this came back with us to the hotel. I ordered the Chicken Alfredo.

Tasty indeed. I did find myself adding salt and pepper as well. It was tasty on its own but after our Thai lunch this same day I was looking for more flavor. The warm bread and butter basket was nice. We didn’t even touch it and you will be surprised we didn’t even get dessert. Now that is a first.

If in town I would suggest this place to anyone. Great music playing in the background. Classical Italian music or at least it’s what it seems like to me. Great service and great food. You can’t go wrong.

Basil Ristorante Italiano
920 Us Highway 1
Sebastian, FL 32958

Location:920 Us Highway 1 Sebastian, FL 32958

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