Lemon Tree Restaurant

Lemon Tree restaurant for breakfast is a must. Nice place. Loads of families here. Everyone is in a pleasant mood this morning. Lots of talk about voting.
Found this place on line. Had great reviews so wifey and I had to try it. We got seated quickly.

Very small place but it was hoppin. Loads of locals. Roxie knows everyone’s name. Great server and super friendly. It was time to eat so we got a bit of everything. Eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, French toast, etc.

Roxie highly recommended the pancakes. i have to say the pancakes were awesome.

House made corn beef hash. This is not your regular Publix corn beef hash. This stuff took me back to my childhood. Amazing

French Toast was wifey’s choice.

Had to take a full pic of my breakfast. I can eat.

To end the meal we were given muffins in a basket. Nice little touch.

And of course the gourmet pasteurized orange juice.

All in all, great place. affordable. This is some good ole home style cookin. Ask for Roxie. She will give ya the 411 on what to order.

Lemon Tree
(772) 231-0858
3125 Ocean Dr
Vero Beach, FL 32963

Location:Ocean Dr,Vero Beach,United States

Lemon Tree on Urbanspoon


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