Bangkok In Downtown

As I had mentioned this morning wifey and I were planning to eat Thai food in Vero Beach. I had read great things about Bangkok. Awesome reviews online so we had to do it.

Nice looking place from the outside. I especially like their achievement award near the door. Here it is.

Rumor had it within this small town that this restaurant was closed. I asked a local and they said it was for a bit but they didn’t know why. I know better than to keep on asking so I decided to let it be. Wifey and I wanted to be sure we got there early before the lunch rush. We are glad we did. Lots of locals running in for their 30 minute or one hour lunch. We knew we had made the right choice once we saw the people walking in.

Gorgeous place inside. Hard to tell by the pic but there was an aquarium with all kinds of fish on the back of each wall for each room. It was very cool. We were greeted with the soup of the day which was hot and sour soup.

It was spicy. Nice little jump start before the main meal. All loads of flavors but the spice made it pop. I wasn’t that hungry so I decided to get the red curry chicken. After the young lady asked if I wanted the lunch special I could not resist. So I ended up with the Bento A Lunch box.

I, of course, had to ask for it Thai spicy. It was so good. The perfect spice without being too overwhelming. I have to admit the sushi and the sashimi I had to take to go. When I arrived I ordered two Thai teas and was too full to eat anything else.

Wifey ordered the Pad See-ew. Flat rice noodles with egg, onions, broccoli, carrots, and house sauce. She got it medium hot and it was tasty. I see why the locals come to this place. Everything had great flavor and the ambience made it even better. We decided to end the meal with a Thai spring roll which came with the lunch special. It was the perfect way to end a spicy meal.

Bangkok In Downtown is the place to be in downtown Vero. Go and check them out when you are in the area. And by the way, don’t believe the rumors that its closed. Make sure to call them before you go just to be sure. : )

Bangkok In Downtown
(772) 794-1825
2227 14th Ave
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Location:2227 14th Ave Vero Beach, FL 32960

Bangkok Downtown on Urbanspoon


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